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Commercial Analyst

Commercial Manager

"Transforming data into insights, and insights into growth - the commercial analyst who will unlock the full potential of your business."

Are you looking for a top-tier Commercial Analyst to help drive growth and profitability for your organisation? Our candidate brings outstanding commercial skills gained within a complex multi-channel environment, with a proven track record of success in building multi-scenario commercial business cases using advanced modelling techniques.

With extensive knowledge of individual business capabilities and market forces, our candidate has the expertise to guide your organization through even the most complex commercial challenges. With excellent stakeholder engagement skills, our candidate excels at gaining buy-in from senior management, delivery, sales, customer experience, and marketing divisions.

Whether you're seeking an expert in commercial analysis to help guide your strategic decision-making or a trusted advisor to help drive growth and profitability, our candidate has the skills and experience to help your organisation succeed. Available immediately, our candidate is ready to hit the ground running and help your organisation achieve its goals.

Don't miss out on this exceptional talent - contact us today to learn more!

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