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Payroll & Operations


Our dedicated team specialises in the recruitment of payroll professionals at all levels, on a temporary, permanent and consultancy basis. Our independent payroll consultants provide support for a variety of clients – including those who do not have an in-house payroll function.


With extensive industry experience, our consultants will work with you to provide the payroll support that you require. Whether you need a Payroll Temp to cover a period of annual or sick leave, deliver an internal project or provide support to the Payroll Manager, we can deliver.


Recent Assignments Include:

  • Payroll Manager

  • Payroll Officer

  • Payroll Clerk

  • Payroll Systems

  • Remuneration & Benefits

  • HR / Payroll

  • Finance / Payroll

  • Office Admin / Payroll


  • Payroll Supervisor

  • Payroll Administrator

  • Payroll Consultant

  • Payroll Implementation

  • Data Entry

  • Accounts / Payroll

  • Office Manager / Payroll

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